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We all love the classic tale of a boy meets girl and the show ‘Crazy for you’ brings us that love story combined with sequins and toe tapping fun. This uplifting piece immediately makes you want to put on your tap shoes and join in right from the start.

Right from the beginning there seemed to be a great energy on stage which transformed out into the audience. The tap and dance routines were well choreographed and I found myself mesmerised by the follies. I particularly liked the silver tap shoes.

As each individual took to the stage I was continually amazed with their tap dancing.

They held the audience with their own tap sounds vibrating around the theatre.

The set allowed the actors to make full use of the stage whilst transforming between Deadrock, Nevada and New York city. The scene change when Bobby was carried through the doors and into the hotel the other side was just seamless. I found myself ducking in the audience when I witnessed the first of the shoot out scenes, but obviously there was no need as each gun shot hit its target right on point and even the poor cuckoo did not escape. We even had cowboy gymnastics at one point from one brave actor.

The supporting cast in this play have such a vital role. They did not disappoint and the cowboys and follies did a splendid job. What fun to be a follies girl with those costumes and dance routines.

The stiff upper lip eccentric tourists Eugene and Patricia Fodor played by Kris Evans and Rachel Fox even made a tapping sound with their bowls and cups clanging behind them. They brought the humour to the play and I look forward to reading their travel guide.

Bobby Child played by Stuart McDiarmid was very charming and charismatic in his performance. We were all rooting for him and willing him to succeed in both love and his love for the stage.

Polly Baker played by Chloe’ Turner was very feisty but gave a superb contrasting performance of showing her softer side. You really did get the feeling that she was in charge of those cowboys.

Bela Zangler played by Lewis Doley delivered an excellent mirroring scene with Bobby Child with everything perfectly timed. He played the part with commanding but endearing qualities.

The sophisticated and demanding Irene Roth was played by Slobhan Ganley. The scene that stood out for me was the sultry scene with Lank Hawkins. Slobhan had us all captivated.

Lank Hawkins played by Liam McNally who owns the Hawkins hotel is a man with a vision.

He has the audience almost feeling sorry for him as he can’t marry the girl he thinks he wants and his hotel would never get five star reviews. Liam played the part as businessman in a smart yet likable fashion.

Lily Moore played Patsy as the dumb blonde role. This was a likable character and she played her with just the right comical timing. Her high pitch voice hit the right notes all of the time.

Tess played by Claire Brough is the leader of the follies. Claire played this part in a confident and sassy way and we as the audience felt she was in charge of her relationship with Zangler.

Mrs Lottie Child (Bobby’s mum) played by Jill Hughes acted in a domineering role but still managed to show that underneath there is a caring side to the character.

Everett Baker (Polly’s dad) played by Brynmor Smart portrayed a true country and western gentleman. You could just imagine him sitting on a rocking chair looking out across Deadrock.

Brynmor played this character in a gentle and sentimental way.

With a standing ovation from the audience, this play left me tap dancing out of the theatre and I certainly found myself not needing to ask for anything more.

Thank you Bournville

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