Crazy For You (2023)

“With a standing ovation from the audience, this play left me tap dancing out of the theatre and I certainly found myself not needing to ask for anything more.”

BFAME Review

“It needs good leaders and a fearless company who are prepared to bleed for the faith. Take a bow BMTC – you are always watchable but this time even more so.”

Bromsgrove Standard

The Wedding Singer (2022)

“BMTC are back ‘Puttin’ on that Ritz’ with a real powerhouse of a show , which is not only rocking it – it is absolutely socking it to packed houses at the Crescent Theatre this week.”

Bromsgrove Standard

“The cast (who were brilliantly diverse in ages) looked as if they were having the time of their lives, & the joy radiated through the audience.”

@theatrebab on Instagram

Oliver! (2019)

“BMTC have put together a fine production that they should be incredibly proud of. And judging by the audience reaction last night, they certainly loved it.”

Love Midlands Theatre on Oliver! (2019)

“All round excellent show! Cast were fabulous, as was the music, scenery, props and costumes. Will definitely keep an eye out for future productions. Well done to all involved!”

An Anonymous Viewer on Oliver! (2019)

Legally Blonde (2018)

“Legally Blonde was a fantastic show! The cast are all great and I can’t wait to see your next performance!”

An Anonymous Viewer on Legally Blonde (2018)

Jekyll & Hyde (2016)

“Bournville Musical Theatre Company treads where many have before and holds its own with the very best of them in this refined production.”

Love Midlands Theatre on Jekyll & Hyde (2016)

Kiss Me, Kate (2015)

“We went to see the show last. Well done to everyone involved, it’s a fabulous show. The “Too Darn Hot” scene was stunning.”

An Anonymous Viewer on Kiss Me, Kate (2015)